6 Seasons

Filmatique’s Visionaries features works by groundbreaking filmmakers such as Miklós Jancsó, István Szabó, Ken Jacobs, Deborah Shaffer, Jonas Mekas, and Derek Jarman.

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  • Dance of Hope

    Episode 1

    Deborah Shaffer • United States • 1989 • The struggle of the loved ones of Chile’s disappeared.

    General Augusto Pinochet ran one of the most oppressive dictatorships in Latin American history, launching a coup in 1973 and cracking down on political dissent immediately through the forced disappea...

  • The Wobblies

    Episode 2


    Deborah Shaffer & Stewart Bird • U.S. • 1976 • A tribute to those who risked their lives for rights.

    Founded in Chicago in 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) took to organizing unskilled workers into one big union, thus changing the course of American history. Member...

  • To Be Heard

    Episode 3

    Deborah Shaffer, Roland Legiardi-Laura, Edwin Martinez, Amy Sultan • U.S. • 2010

    Three Bronx teens search for their voices and an answer to the question: Can language change lives? Karina, Pearl, and Anthony are precariously balanced on the edge. Inspired by three teachers in a radical poetry ...

  • Witness to War: Dr. Charlie Clements

    Episode 4

    Deborah Shaffer • United States • 1984 • A journey of conscience from Vietnam to El Salvador.

    Dr. Charlie Clements was a pilot in Vietnam until he refused further combat missions. Stripped of his military identity, Clements dedicated his life to non-violence and healing, ultimately tending to t...