6 Seasons

Filmatique’s Visionaries features works by groundbreaking filmmakers such as Miklós Jancsó, István Szabó, Ken Jacobs, Deborah Shaffer, Jonas Mekas, and Derek Jarman.

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  • Electra, My Love

    Episode 1


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1974 • A virtuoso, 12-take interpretation of Greek myth.

    Miklós Jancsó’s richly inventive adaptation of the two-thousand-year-old Greek myth. Reflecting attitudes towards tyranny and dictatorship from the modern man’s perspective, the original play's fr...

  • Red Psalm

    Episode 2


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1967 • A wartime thriller and winner of Best Director at Cannes 1972.

    1890s, the Hungarian plains. A group of farm workers go on a strike, demanding basic rights from a landowner. They are met with soldiers on horseback, facing harsh reprisals which spi...

  • The Confrontation

    Episode 3


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1968 • The virtuoso vision of a master at the peak of his powers.

    Paralleling the dramatic student demonstrations that were exploding across the world in the 1960s, The Confrontation is a story of protest and rebellion. Miklós Jancsó’s first color film i...

  • The Red and the White

    Episode 4


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1967 • A magnificent formal investigation of war.

    Set in Central Russia during the Civil War of 1918, Russia's Red soldiers and the counter-revolutionary Whites engage in murderous entanglements in the hills along the Volga. This epic conflict moves with...

  • The Round-Up

    Episode 5


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1966 • A hypnotic, dazzling vision of war.

    Miklós Jancsó’s most renowned work depicts a prison camp in the aftermath of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution. After the Hapsburg monarchy succeeds in suppressing Lajos Kossuth’s nationalist uprising, the army sets...

  • Winter Wind

    Episode 6


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1969

    In the mid-1930s, a group of Croatian anarchists led by the grim revolutionary ascetic Marko Lazar escape a bungled ambush in Yugoslavia, crossing the dense forests at that country's Northern border in an effort to seek refuge in Hungary.

    Winter Win...