The Jean Rollin Collection

The Jean Rollin Collection

As French censorship constraints began to ease in the late 1960's and early 1970's, visionary filmmaker Jean Rollin created a series of mesmerizing thrillers that injected the Gothic vampire film with a more contemporary strain of eroticism. Cycling between visual poetry and lurid violence, these six Rollin films have come to be regarded as horror genre classics.

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The Jean Rollin Collection
  • The Shiver of the Vampires

    Jean Rollin • France • 1971 • Rollin's most visually inventive work.

    Of all Rollin's films, Shiver is the most visually inventive, teeming with startling images such as Sandra Julien visiting a cemetery in her bridal gown and moving amongst the headstones like a ghost, or the contrast between he...

  • The Iron Rose

    Jean Rollin • France • 1973 • Rollin's first masterpiece.

    In Rollin's first masterpiece, two young lovers become lost in an ancient graveyard; while one panics, the other sublimates her frustrated passion into a jubilant communion with the dead. The Iron Rose is a haunting experience—a macabre ...

  • The Demoniacs

    Jean Rollin • France • 1974 • A Poe-like study of guilt and revenge.

    A Poe-like study of guilt and revenge, The Demoniacs follows a band of "wreckers" who lure a ship into coastal waters, then plunder the remains. They rape and murder two young sisters who managed to survive the wreck—these gho...

  • Lips of Blood

    Jean Rollin • France • 1975 • Rollin's favorite of his films.

    Considered by Jean Rollin to be the best story he ever wrote, Lips of Blood follows Frederic, a young man who attends the launch party for a new perfume. Here, the image of a chateau on publicity materials beckons him back through ti...

  • The Grapes of Death

    Jean Rollin • France • 1978 • An ever-expanding nightmare, Rollin-style.

    Tainted wine at an annual Grape Harvest Festival results in almost an entire village under the spell of a strange form of zombiism, all but a few denizens gripped by anarchical insanity. Rollin’s most frightening film unfo...

  • The Night of the Hunted

    Jean Rollin • France • 1980 • A unique, exceptional chapter in Rollin's corpus.

    A man driving home late one night nearly hits a beautiful woman running wild in the streets. Back at his apartment they make love, and he discovers that she has already forgotten where they met. The amnesiac woman ...