Sophie Hyde Presents...

Sophie Hyde Presents...

The director of 52 TUESDAYS and GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE has curated her favorite titles on Filmatique.

"I have put together a list of 5 and I'm a little embarrassed that all of these are made by men. I would normally be very mindful of it, but in truth I don't know most of the films directed by women on the list, despite there being some fabulous filmmakers on there. And it's always such an indication of how few are made of course."

DOGTOOTH: Strange and tonally fascinating.

I KILLED MY MOTHER: Love Xavier Dolan and this first film of his is a bit messy in all the good ways.

NEON BULL: We awarded this prize at the Adelaide Film Festival when I was on the jury. I love how visceral it is and was captivated.

OLIVER SACKS, HIS OWN LIFE: A beautiful rumination that is very moving.

SILENT LIGHT: We are making a film that speaks closely to this one, with Mennonites in Mexico, based on a novel written by the actress in this film. So the world of this movie is very rich to me, and one of the first entry points to it was this composed and distinct film.

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Sophie Hyde Presents...
  • Dogtooth


    Yorgos Lanthimos • Greece • 2005 • An astonishing portrait of one of cinema's strangest families.

    A handsome estate in the Greek countryside.  A wealthy businessman lives here with his wife and three grown children, all in their twenties.  They are ostensibly an ordinary family, e...

  • I Killed My Mother


    Xavier Dolan • 2009 • Canada • A Québécois teenager struggles to come out.

    The protagonist of Xavier Dolan's semi-autobiographical first film drifts between contempt and unbearable affection for his single mother as he wrestles with the decision to come out.

    Surly teenage Hubert ...

  • Neon Bull


    Gabriel Mascaro • 2015 • Brazil-Uruguay-Netherlands • A dreamlike journey into Brazil's vaquejada

    Evoking northeast Brazil’s rural traditions alongside dreams of its burgeoning fashion industry, and attuned to the commodification of bodies across species, Neon Bull deconstructs co...

  • Oliver Sacks: His Own Life


    Ric Burns • United States • 2020 • A beloved figure who redefined understanding of the human mind.

    Oliver Sacks discovered he was going to die in January 2015. Born and raised in London to physician parents—his mother was one of the first female surgeons in England—perhaps no one ...

  • Silent Light


    Carlos Reygadas • 2007 • Mexico • Filmed with nonprofessional actors among a community of Mennonites.

    Johan lives with Esther, his wife, and their seven children in rural Chihuahua state, among a community of Mennonites. For the past two years Johan has engaged in a passionate af...