Sean Baker Presents...

Sean Baker Presents...

The great American filmmaker behind THE FLORIDA PROJECT, RED ROCKET, and recent Criterion release TAKE OUT shared his favorite titles on Filmatique:

"Curating a collection is honestly one of the most high-pressure jobs a cinephile can have. It is a balancing act between trying to celebrate the classics and championing lesser seen and appreciated films. Thankfully the Filmatique library is vast and impressive so there are a plethora of amazing films for me to choose from. Hopefully my curated collection has films that you love as much as I do. Maybe there’s an old favorite on the list you wish to revisit... or a discovery or two that will become one of your faves. Happy movie watching!

THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS: An underseen Lars von Trier and his only documentary. Von Trier challenges Jørgen Leth, the filmmaker behind THE PERFECT HUMAN (1967), to remake his classic short under circumstances of increasing constraint. Profound and quite fun.

SILENT LIGHT: In my opinion, this is Carlos Reygadas's best film and shot by my good friend Alexis Zabe... who I asked to shoot THE FLORIDA PROJECT for me after seeing his incredible work on this film.

NEON BULL: Gabriel Mascaro's beautiful and meditative 2015 film has one of the most striking and singular sex scenes I've ever seen in a narrative feature.

LET THE CORPSES TAN: One of my favorite films of 2017. Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani crafted a visually jaw-dropping love letter to the Giallo and Poliziotteschi genres that rises above being an homage and becomes its own beautiful work of art.

LI'L QUINQUIN: A hilarious and gorgeous comedy by the French provocateur Bruno Dumont. A big influence on my film THE FLORIDA PROJECT.

COURT: I consider this film to be one of the best directorial debuts I've ever seen. Directed by Chaitanya Tamhane who was 27 at the time, this film is not only an indictment of India's broken court system but an exploration of the subjective nature of abetment.

THE ROUND-UP: Miklós Jancsó tells the story of a prison camp that holds the last survivors to the Hungarian resistance to the Austrian empire. A harrowing investigation of the limits of compassion.

WORKINGMAN'S DEATH: An incredible documentary by the late, great Michael Glawogger that focuses on extreme working conditions around the world. Very little dialogue. Just incredibly arresting images that transport, humble, sadden and fascinate.

WHORES' GLORY: I'm placing two films by Michael Glawogger in this collection not only because Glawogger's work is criminally underseen but because along with WORKINGMAN'S DEATH, this is part of his "globalization trilogy" and if you find WD as fascinating as I do, you'll want to see this one as well.

KILL ME PLEASE: The feature directorial debut by a strong new voice in Brazilian cinema, Anita Rocha da Silveira. This film along with her 2021 follow-up MEDUSA demonstrates Rocha da Silveira's scathing sense of humor and exciting poppy visual style."

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Sean Baker Presents...
  • The Five Obstructions


    Lars von Trier • 2003 • Denmark-Switzerland-Belgium-France • Lars von Trier challenges his mentor.

    Documents the re-making of Jørgen Leth's classic short film The Perfect Human through a maddening maze of obstacles imposed by his former student Lars von Trier.

    In 1967, prominent ...

  • Silent Light


    Carlos Reygadas • 2007 • Mexico • Filmed with nonprofessional actors among a community of Mennonites.

    Johan lives with Esther, his wife, and their seven children in rural Chihuahua state, among a community of Mennonites. For the past two years Johan has engaged in a passionate af...

  • Neon Bull


    Gabriel Mascaro • 2015 • Brazil-Uruguay-Netherlands • A dreamlike journey into Brazil's vaquejada

    Evoking northeast Brazil’s rural traditions alongside dreams of its burgeoning fashion industry, and attuned to the commodification of bodies across species, Neon Bull deconstructs co...

  • Li'l Quinquin


    Bruno Dumont • 2014 • France

    Bruno Dumont's four-part miniseries plies the conventions of the serial murder-mystery to satirize social and political realities in present-day France.

    A bovine carcass is discovered inside a WWII bunker nestled along the windswept coast of Northern ...

  • Court


    Chaitanya Tamhane • 2014 • India

    A folk singer must navigate contemporary India's labyrinthine legal system.

    By day, Narayan Kamble teaches young children poetry at a local school; in the evenings he performs folk songs at political protests, lamenting the lack of social mobility...

  • The Round-Up


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1966 • A hypnotic, dazzling vision of war.

    Miklós Jancsó’s most renowned work depicts a prison camp in the aftermath of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution. After the Hapsburg monarchy succeeds in suppressing Lajos Kossuth’s nationalist uprising, the army sets...

  • Workingman's Death

    In the Donbass region of Ukraine, coal miners toil far below the surface of the earth, extracting carbon to heat their meager homes, selling anything extra for food. In Kawah Ijen, Indonesia, men scale treacherous mountain paths to the edge of a volcanic crater, where they harvest slabs of sulfu...

  • Whores' Glory

    In Bangkok, Thailand, women linger in brightly-lit boxes, awaiting their next client. In the bustling red-light district of Faridpur, Bangladesh, a madam haggles over the price of a teenage girl. In Reynosa, on the Mexican-American border, SUVs drive up and down muddy streets while drug-addled ...

  • Kill Me Please


    Anita Rocha da Silveira • Brazil • 2011 • School girls feel a morbid fascination with local murders.

    Bia, Michele, Mariana and Renata live in an affluent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. Considered the cool girls at school, they are both priveleged and neglected by their parents, w...