Rick Alverson Presents...

Rick Alverson Presents...

The celebrated American filmmaker shares his favorite titles streaming on Filmatique.

"There was a window in the early 2000’s, just before I picked up a camera again—after a decade away from the courage and thought of ever making a film—that I felt changed by a series of movies I saw. They seemed evidence of something modern, some restlessness, eagerness to show the exhaustion of old forms—culturally and cinematically—or the willingness to break them and see what stands. Those films made me think there might be a small place for me in the field, for my interests and skepticism, for the problems that troubled me. I found many of those movies here, plus a couple before and after that seemed indelibly tied and useful, for whatever reason, to that spark."

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Rick Alverson Presents...
  • Battle in Heaven


    Carlos Reygadas • 2005 • Mexico • A web of sex and secrets in Mexico City

    Ana's father is a Mexican general. Privileged, wealthy, and bored, she forms a connection with Marcos, the family chauffeur—he is the only member of her household who knows about her double life working as ...

  • Red Road

    Andrea Arnold • UK • 2006 • Jackie notices a man from her past monitoring CCTV cameras.

    Jackie lives alone, monitoring CCTV cameras in a high-rise housing complex in Glasgow's northern periphery. She engages from time to time in an affair with a married man, but her life is otherwise uneventful....

  • Flanders


    Bruno Dumont • France • 2006 • An age-old tale of love and war starring nonprofessional actors.

    Demester lives a hardscrabble life as a farmer in rural Belgium. Amid the rugged, unforgiving landscape, he lives a lonely existence, punctuated by meetings with his secret lover Barb...

  • Liverpool

    Lisandro Alonso • 2008 • Argentina • Follows a merchant sailor en route to his hometown.

    Farrel has been at sea for years. Steeped in the quotidian routines of life on a merchant ship, one day Farrel requests to disembark. His goal is to visit his ailing mother in Ushuaia. Equipped solely with a...

  • Dogtooth


    Yorgos Lanthimos • Greece • 2005 • An astonishing portrait of one of cinema's strangest families.

    A handsome estate in the Greek countryside.  A wealthy businessman lives here with his wife and three grown children, all in their twenties.  They are ostensibly an ordinary family, e...

  • Silent Light


    Carlos Reygadas • 2007 • Mexico • Filmed with nonprofessional actors among a community of Mennonites.

    Johan lives with Esther, his wife, and their seven children in rural Chihuahua state, among a community of Mennonites. For the past two years Johan has engaged in a passionate af...

  • The Five Obstructions


    Lars von Trier • 2003 • Denmark-Switzerland-Belgium-France • Lars von Trier challenges his mentor.

    Documents the re-making of Jørgen Leth's classic short film The Perfect Human through a maddening maze of obstacles imposed by his former student Lars von Trier.

    In 1967, prominent ...

  • Wittgenstein

    Derek Jarman • United Kingdom • 1993 • A modern, theatrical retelling of Wittgenstein.

    Born in 1889 to wealthy family, Ludwig Wittgenstein was a prodigy, educated in Vienna and Manchester before settling into a career as a philosopher at Cambridge, where he taught alongside Bertrand Russell and ...

  • Slack Bay


    Bruno Dumont • 2017 • France

    Juliette Binoche stars in a modern Belle Époque-era period critique.

    The bourgeois Van Peteghem family are no strangers to the bliss of upper-class existence. Perched atop the cliffs of Normandy, the eccentric clan of relatives have congregated in t...

  • Li'l Quinquin


    Bruno Dumont • 2014 • France

    Bruno Dumont's four-part miniseries plies the conventions of the serial murder-mystery to satirize social and political realities in present-day France.

    A bovine carcass is discovered inside a WWII bunker nestled along the windswept coast of Northern ...

  • Coincoin and the Extra-Humans, Episode 1: Black Be Black

    Bruno Dumont • France • 2018

    Lil Quinquin, now coined Coincoin, is all grown up. While his old flame Eve has abandoned him for another woman, Coincoin and his pal Fatso are still running around raising hell in desolate coastal France where the inhabitants, in disguise, wander in and out of the p...

  • Coincoin and the Extra-Humans, Episode 2: The Extra Humans

    Bruno Dumont • France • 2018

    Van der Weyden and Carpentier are faced with the irrational. Are they in the presence of extraterrestrials? It does indeed look like an invasion has begun. Coincoin tries to forget about Eve in pretty Jenny’s arms; meanwhile the region’s inhabitants, having become st...

  • Coincoin and the Extra-Humans, Episode 3: Gunk, Gunk, Gunk!!!

    Bruno Dumont • France • 2018

    As the cloning continues, confusion mounts on the Côte D’Opale. Political, military and religious authorities all agree on one thing: the end of the world is near! In this apocalyptic atmosphere, Coincoin’s amorous adventures are in full swing. Van der Weyden and Car...

  • Coincoin and the Extra-Humans, Episode 4: The Apocalypse

    Bruno Dumont • France • 2018

    Hit hard, our unwavering representatives of law and order decide to take the extraterrestrial bull by the horns. But how to go about this when the dead start rising from the grave? Even Coincoin and his gang, strung between fear and exaltation, find themselves riding...