Queer Cinema

Queer Cinema

Queer Cinema is a collection of films that challenge norms of gender, sexuality, and desire through alternative modes of cinematic representation.

Filmatique has long spotlighted queer filmmakers and their work and will continue to do so, attentive to the intersectionality of non-normative identities with factors including race, culture, and class. This series foregrounds the perspectives of queer filmmakers, protagonists, and performers—contemporary works screen alongside groundbreaking queer films such as Carl Theodor Dreyer's Michael (1924) and Leontine Sagan & Carl Froelich's Mädchen in Uniform (1931), and a collection of iconic works by Derek Jarman.

Queer Cinema
  • 52 Tuesdays


    Sophie Hyde • 2013 • Australia • A teenager's mother undergoes a gender transition.

    When her mother reveals her female to male gender transition, 16 year-old Billie is catapulted into radically new circumstances, moving in with her father and confined to visiting her mother on Tue...

  • A Sinner in Mecca

    Parvez Sharma • USA • 2015

    Parvez Sharma is a middle-aged man, Muslim and gay. His whole life he has aspired to complete the Hajj, Islam's great pilgramage to Saudi Arabia. Not only is homosexuality forbidden in Mecca: so is filming. With a hidden camera, Sharma embarks on a stunning journey ...

  • Animals


    Marcal Fores • Spain • 2012 • A fresh, inventive take on first love.

    Pol is a seventeen year old boy, shy and socially withdrawn. He has a few friends at school, who share his interest in alternative music, but spends most of his time with Deerhoof, a sentient teddy bear. With hi...

  • Born to Be


    Tania Cypriano • USA • 2020 • Inside the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery

    New York's Mount Sinai Hospital houses the groundbreaking Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, a mecca for quality gender-affirming care. Here Dr. Jess Ting works with transg...

  • Don't Call Me Son


    Anna Muylaert • 2016 • Brazil • Pierre's world shifts when forced to live with his biological family

    A poetic, provocative portrait of a young man's fluidity, Don't Call Me Son offers a richly layered examination of family, class, and sexuality in contemporary Brazil.

    Living with...

  • I Killed My Mother


    Xavier Dolan • 2009 • Canada • A Québécois teenager struggles to come out.

    The protagonist of Xavier Dolan's semi-autobiographical first film drifts between contempt and unbearable affection for his single mother as he wrestles with the decision to come out.

    Surly teenage Hubert ...

  • Inxeba (The Wound)


    John Trengove • 2017 • South Africa • Disassembles notions of male sexuality in South Africa.

    Shedding light on the closely-guarded ritual of ukwaluka, John Trengove's feature debut disassembles predominant notions of male sexuality in contemporary South Africa.

    Each year in the ...

  • Love, Cecil


    Lisa Immordino Vreeland • United States • 2017 • A stirring portrait of queer icon Cecil Beaton.

    Cecil Beaton was an incandescent talent. Born to a well-to-do British family, Beaton charmed his way into the upper echelons of the elite, learning to photograph on his nanny’s camera...

  • Mädchen in Uniform

    Leontine Sagan & Carl Froelich • Germany • 1931 • An artfully composed landmark of lesbian cinema.

    As a new student at an all-girls boarding school, Manuela falls in love with the compassionate teacher Fräulein von Bernburg, and her feelings are requited. Experiencing first love, lonely Manuela ...

  • Michael

    Carl Theodor Dreyer • Germany • 1924 • An early Dreyer masterpiece.

    Based upon Herman Bang's 1902 novel, Michael refashions the classical Greek myth of Jupiter and Ganymede into a love triangle between aging artist Zoret, his protagonist Michael, and Princess Zamikoff, an aristocratic femme fata...

  • Neon Bull


    Gabriel Mascaro • 2015 • Brazil-Uruguay-Netherlands • A dreamlike journey into Brazil's vaquejada

    Evoking northeast Brazil’s rural traditions alongside dreams of its burgeoning fashion industry, and attuned to the commodification of bodies across species, Neon Bull deconstructs co...

  • Oliver Sacks: His Own Life


    Ric Burns • United States • 2020 • A beloved figure who redefined understanding of the human mind.

    Oliver Sacks discovered he was going to die in January 2015. Born and raised in London to physician parents—his mother was one of the first female surgeons in England—perhaps no one ...

  • Pasolini


    Abel Ferrara • Italy • 2014

    Autumn, 1975. In an apartment in Rome, Pier Paolo Pasolini sits for an interview, unaware that it will be his last. These days he follows similar routines—post-production on his latest film, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom; chipping away on an unfinish...

  • Playdurizm

    Gem Deger • Czech Republic • 2020 • An intoxicating blend of fantasy, violence, passion and control

    Demir wakes up one day in an unfamiliar apartment with no memory.  He scurries out only to be stopped by Andrew, who assures Demir that they're roommates.  Settling into this new reality, Demir qu...

  • The Gospel of Eureka


    Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher • USA • 2019 • A joyously offbeat slice of Americana.

    Eureka, Arkansas is a one-of-a-kind oasis in the traditionally conservative bastion of the Ozarks. Alongside a devout Christian population is a thriving queer community, whose epicenter is a l...

  • The Prince


    Sebastián Muñoz • 2019 • Chile • Masculine repression and desire as seen in a 1970s Chilean prison.

    The inmate bond between Jaime, a handsome young man, and a notorious older flourishes into a clandestine romance, continually threatened by the escalating violence and perilous powe...

  • Tom of Finland


    Dome Karukoski • Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany • 2017 • A story of love, courage, perseverance.

    Postwar Helsinki. Touko Laaksonen, an ex-soldier, has returned to the Finnish capital. Homosexuality is forbidden in the strict political atmosphere of the 1950s—gay men must condu...

  • Victor and Victoria

    Reinhold Schünzel • Germany • 1933 • A dazzling musical reminiscent of Lubitsch and Wilder.

    In this dazzling musical romance, a young woman unable to find work as a music hall singer partners with a down-and-out thespian to revamp her act. Pretending to be a man performing in drag, Victoria be...

  • Derek Jarman

    7 items

    A collection of films by British enfant terrible and queer icon Derek Jarman.