Queer Awakenings

Queer Awakenings

A collection of coming-of-age narratives in which non-conforming sexual and gender identities blossom.

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Queer Awakenings
  • Animals


    Marcal Fores • Spain • 2012 • A fresh, inventive take on first love.

    Pol is a seventeen year old boy, shy and socially withdrawn. He has a few friends at school, who share his interest in alternative music, but spends most of his time with Deerhoof, a sentient teddy bear. With hi...

  • Don't Call Me Son


    Anna Muylaert • 2016 • Brazil • Pierre's world shifts when forced to live with his biological family

    A poetic, provocative portrait of a young man's fluidity, Don't Call Me Son offers a richly layered examination of family, class, and sexuality in contemporary Brazil.

    Living with...

  • I Killed My Mother


    Xavier Dolan • 2009 • Canada • A Québécois teenager struggles to come out.

    The protagonist of Xavier Dolan's semi-autobiographical first film drifts between contempt and unbearable affection for his single mother as he wrestles with the decision to come out.

    Surly teenage Hubert ...

  • Inxeba (The Wound)


    John Trengove • 2017 • South Africa • Disassembles notions of male sexuality in South Africa.

    Shedding light on the closely-guarded ritual of ukwaluka, John Trengove's feature debut disassembles predominant notions of male sexuality in contemporary South Africa.

    Each year in the ...

  • The Prince


    Sebastián Muñoz • 2019 • Chile • Masculine repression and desire as seen in a 1970s Chilean prison.

    The inmate bond between Jaime, a handsome young man, and a notorious older flourishes into a clandestine romance, continually threatened by the escalating violence and perilous powe...