The Prince

The Prince

Sebastián Muñoz • 2019 • Chile

Masculine repression and desire as seen in a 1970s Chilean prison.

The inmate bond between Jaime, a handsome young man, and a notorious older flourishes into a clandestine romance, continually threatened by the escalating violence and perilous power struggles unfolding within the prison walls.

Based on a novel by Mario Cruz, and evoking the works of Fassbinder, Audiard, and Genet, in The Prince sensuousness and violence coalesce in an exploration of masculine repression, aggression, and desire. Sebastián Muñoz's narrative feature debut premiered at San Sebastián, Valdivia, Chicago, and the Venice Film Festival, where it won the Queer Lion.

The Prince
  • The Prince

    Directed by Sebastián Muñoz • 2019 • Chile

    The Prince explores masculine repression, aggression, and desire in a 1970s Chilean prison.