Battle in Heaven

Battle in Heaven

Carlos Reygadas • 2005 • Mexico

A web of sex and secrets in Mexico City.

Ana's father is a Mexican general. Privileged, wealthy, and bored, she forms a connection with Marcos, the family chauffeur—he is the only member of her household who knows about her double life working as a high-end prostitute. This clandestine knowledge leads Marcos to confide in Ana a secret of his own.

Offering an intersectional view of race, class, and gender in Mexico City, Battle in Heaven is a provocative statement on structural forms of violence and their ripple effects. Carlos Reygadas's second film premiered at Cannes, Rotterdam, and Rio de Janeiro, where it won the FIPRESCI Prize.

Interview with Carlos Reygadas

A Cinema of Slow Violence

Battle in Heaven
  • Battle in Heaven

    Directed by Carlos Reygadas • 2005 • Mexico

    Carlos Reyadas's controversial second film links the well-to-do daughter of a Mexican general with her middle-aged chaffeur through a web of sex and secrets.

  • Interview with Carlos Reygadas & Anapola Mushkadiz

    Director Carlos Reygadas & actress Anapola Mushkadiz discuss the making of Battle in Heaven.