Post-Soviet Cinema

Post-Soviet Cinema

Post-Soviet Cinema is a collection of works from Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia.

With distinct yet shared experiences of Soviet rule, the filmmakers of these nations reveal creative and, at times, cathartic modes of relation to the vestigial effects of dictatorship, corruption, and occupation on the body politic.

Post-Soviet Cinema
  • 12:08 East of Bucharest


    Corneliu Porumboiu • Romania • 2006 • Three men ask an age-old question: whose revolution was it?

    It’s December 22nd in Vaslui, a small town in Romania. A few days before Christmas, and also the anniversary of the fall of Nicolae Ceaușescu and thus the fall of communism. Three agi...

  • Acasa, My Home


    Radu Ciorniciuc • Romania-Germany • 2020 • A family living on the fringes of Romanian society.

    The Enache family has lived in the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta for nearly two decades. Gica and Niculina’s nine children spent their childhoods sleeping in a hut on the lakeshore...

  • Child's Pose


    Cãlin Peter Netzer • Romania • 2013

    Cornelia has earned a living. A successful architect in Bucharest, she is also estranged from her son Barbu, a state of affairs she ascribes to Barbu's girlfriend. Despite all the luxuries her success has afforded him, Barbu seemingly wants no...

  • Firstborn


    Aik Karapetian • 2017 • Latvia • A mysterious man threatens to unravel a couple's fragile peace.

    Steeped in the unrelenting atmosphere of dread, Firstborn encounters the terror and fragility of contemporary masculinity as mediated through horror cinema. Aik Karapetian's third fea...

  • Kills on Wheels


    Attila Hun • 2017 • Hungary • A sleeper hit comedy performed by differently-abled actors.

    Two residents in an assisted-living facility outside of Budapest find themselves recruited as accomplices for a Serbian crime lord.

    A sleeper hit at the Hungarian box office, and performed ...

  • The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaucescu


    Andrei Ujică • Romania-Germany • 2010 • A glimpse inside the mind of a narcissistic leader.

    On Christmas Day, 1989, Romanian leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife, Elsa, died by firing squad–the last people to be executed by the state. A brutal dictator, Ceaușescu had presided o...

  • The Death of Mr. Lazarescu


    Cristi Puiu • 2015 • Romania • An old man is shuttled across Bucharest from one clinic to another.

    Dante Remus Lazarescu is feeling dreadfully ill. In the search for medical attention, his lone ally is Mioara, a Virgil-like paramedic ushering him toward certain twilight.


  • The Road to Mother


    Akan Satayev • Kazakhstan • 2016

    1922. A boy, Ilyas, is born to a nomadic family in the Kazakh steps. Some years later, soldiers arrive to enforce Soviet the policy of collective farming, polarizing the community among those who welcome change, and those who don't. Ilyas's fami...

  • Tsili


    Amos Gitai • Israel & Russia • 2014 • In World War II a young woman escapes savagery for refuge.

    Chernivitsi province, Ukraine. Tsili, a young Jewish woman, has fled her home, narrowly escaping the fate of the rest of her family, who have been deported to a concentration camp. Tak...

  • Tuesday, After Christmas


    Radu Muntean • Romania • 2010 • A beautifully calibrated, scorchingly intense drama of infidelity.

    Paul and Adriana have been married for ten years. They have a comfortable, middle-class life, a happy family. Only Paul has been carrying out an affair with their daughter’s dentist ...

  • Tulpan


    Sergey Dvortsevoy • 2008 • Kazakhstan

    Tulpan captures the rhythms of nomadic existence in a surreal and barren landscape, revealing a starkly beautiful, if not vanishing way of life

    Upon completion of his Russian naval service, Asa returns to the windswept Kazakhstani steppe wher...

  • Vanishing Waves


    Kristina Buožyte • 2012 • Lithuania • A man joins a project to communicate with a woman in a coma.

    Lukas partakes in a research project to communicate with Aurora, a woman in a coma. Their meetings grow increasingly erotic in nature.

    A hypnotic portrait of two individuals determ...