New Asian Voices

New Asian Voices

This collection examines the shifting boundaries of family, identity, gender, and power through the eyes of some of contemporary Asian cinema's most innovative auteurs.

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New Asian Voices
  • A Hard Day


    Seong-hun Kim • 2014 • South Korea• One of the highest performing thrillers in South Korea.

    Gun-soo, an off-duty homicide detective, is involved in a hit and run while driving home from his mother's funeral. Rather than calling the authorities, he panics and covers his tracks. Whe...

  • A Touch of Sin


    Jia Zhangke • China • 2013 • Four ordinary citizens are driven to the brink of violence

    A local boss runs a small village in China’s northern Shanxi province. He’s gotten rich selling collective property, and while most of the villagers look the other way, Dahai, a solitary coal...

  • Beasts Clawing at Straws


    Kim Yong-hoon • South Korea • 2020 • A pitch-black South Korean neo-noir crime thriller.

    Jung-man is down on his luck. A hotel receptionist in Pyongtaek, he and his wife have been living hand-to-mouth since going bankrupt, with his teenage daughter and slightly senile mother to ...

  • Daughters of Dolma


    Adam Miklos • Nepal-U.K. • 2013 • A distinctively female experience of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal.

    In Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley, female nuns live with surprising exposure to both traditional and contemporary ways of life. In addition to the pursuit of spiritual attainments, such as...

  • Golden Kingdom


    Brian Perkins • Myanmar-USA • 2015 • Four orphans living in a Myanmar monastery come of age.

    Four orphans live in a Buddhist monastery in northeast Myanmar. Surrounded by verdant hills and distant mountains, their lives are idyllic until the departure of the head monk on a long j...

  • In Another Country


    Hong Sang-soo • South Korea • 2012 • A breezy, humorous tale of love, lust, and misunderstanding.

    A sleepy seaside village in South Korea. Following an argument with her mother, aspiring screenwriter Wonju concocts three scenarios revolving around a Frenchwoman named Anne. In th...

  • Lady Vengeance


    Chan Wook Park • South Korea • 2005 • A riveting South Korean thriller with a woman's perspective.

    Geum-ja has been imprisoned for thirteen years for a crime she didn’t commit. While she has gained the respect and loyalty of her fellow cellmates, nothing has distracted her from p...

  • Last Train Home


    Lixin Fan • 2009 • China • Each year 130 million Chinese migrant workers make the journey back home.

    An experience of the world's largest human migration: Chinese New Year.

    Zhang Changhua and Chen Suqin rise early each day to work at a clothing factory, sewing together garments f...

  • Miss Zombie


    Sabu • Japan • 2013 • A clever satire of bourgeois Japanese society set in a futuristic Japan.

    A futuristic Japan. Sara arrives at the Teramoto household where she will work as a domestic servant. Mysteriously scarred, she also comes with a set of instructions: do not feed her ...

  • Mountains May Depart


    Jia Zhangke • 2016 • China • A sweeping portrait of love across generations.

    Tao, a young shopkeeper in Fenyang, marries Jingsheng, hoping to escape her provincial existence. Fifteen years later, Jingsheng has remarried and moved to Shanghai, taking their 7-year-old son, Daole, wi...

  • Old Stone


    Johnny Ma • China-Canada • 2016 • No good deed goes unpunished for a cab driver in a Chinese city.

    Lao Shi works as a cab driver in a small Chinese city. While on the job one day a drunken passenger causes him to swerve, forcing a collision with a motorcyclist. As the injured m...

  • The Sweet Requiem


    Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam • India-USA • 2018 • An exile Tibetan woman's search for closure.

    Dolkar fled Tibet as an eight-year-old child, crossing a treacherous mountain pass knee-deep in snow. Here a tragedy occurred which Dolkar has suppressed for much of her adult life. Liv...

  • The Woman Who Left


    Lav Diaz • 2016 • Philippines • A woman's path to redemption after thirty unjust years in jail.

    Horacia has spent the past thirty years in jail for a crime she didn't commit. Returning home, she becomes set on a path of revenge against Rodrigo, a wealthy ex-lover who framed her.


  • Wonderful Town

    Aditya Assarat • Thailand • 2007 • A romance unfurls amid unhealed wounds of the 2004 tsunami.

    Na works as an inn-keeper in Takua Pa, a seaside town in southern Thailand. She is young and pretty, and soon catches the eye of one of her guests, a young architect from Bangkok named Ton. Theirs i...