Miklós Jancsó

Miklós Jancsó

A collection of newly restored films from the legendary Hungarian director Miklós Jancsó.

The creator of a unique film language rooted in his mastery of the tracking shot, Jancsó was the first internationally recognized representative of modern Hungarian filmmaking, his extraordinary works examining oppressive authority and the mechanics of power. These six classic features have been restored from their original camera negatives by the National Film Institute Hungary – Film Archive.

Miklós Jancsó
  • Electra, My Love


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1974 • A virtuoso, 12-take interpretation of Greek myth.

    Miklós Jancsó’s richly inventive adaptation of the two-thousand-year-old Greek myth. Reflecting attitudes towards tyranny and dictatorship from the modern man’s perspective, the original play's fr...

  • Red Psalm


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1967 • A wartime thriller and winner of Best Director at Cannes 1972.

    1890s, the Hungarian plains. A group of farm workers go on a strike, demanding basic rights from a landowner. They are met with soldiers on horseback, facing harsh reprisals which spi...

  • The Confrontation


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1968 • The virtuoso vision of a master at the peak of his powers.

    Paralleling the dramatic student demonstrations that were exploding across the world in the 1960s, The Confrontation is a story of protest and rebellion. Miklós Jancsó’s first color film i...

  • The Red and the White


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1967 • A magnificent formal investigation of war.

    Set in Central Russia during the Civil War of 1918, Russia's Red soldiers and the counter-revolutionary Whites engage in murderous entanglements in the hills along the Volga. This epic conflict moves with...

  • The Round-Up


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1966 • A hypnotic, dazzling vision of war.

    Miklós Jancsó’s most renowned work depicts a prison camp in the aftermath of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution. After the Hapsburg monarchy succeeds in suppressing Lajos Kossuth’s nationalist uprising, the army sets...

  • Winter Wind


    Miklós Jancsó • Hungary • 1969

    In the mid-1930s, a group of Croatian anarchists led by the grim revolutionary ascetic Marko Lazar escape a bungled ambush in Yugoslavia, crossing the dense forests at that country's Northern border in an effort to seek refuge in Hungary.

    Winter Win...