Iranian Cinema

Iranian Cinema

Filmatique’s Iranian Cinema series spotlights the works of filmmakers working in the Islamic Republic alongside those belonging to the Iranian diaspora, including several who have been officially banned from the production of motion pictures.

Screening works from Jafar Panahi, Mohammad Rasoulof, and Ali Soozandeh, this collection also features a three-part study of Iranian cinema before and after the revolution, from renowned scholar Jamsheed Akrami.

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Iranian Cinema
  • 3 Faces


    Jafar Panahi • Iran-USA • 2018 • An Iranian road film, foregrounding female perspectives.

    Behnaz has received an alarming video. Marziyeh, a young woman, personally appeals to Behnaz for help, then appears to commit suicide onscreen. Visibly shaken, Benhaz walks off the set of h...

  • Manuscripts Don't Burn


    Mohammad Rasoulof • Iran • 2013 • A political thriller that strikes at the heart of Iran's regime.

    Khosrow and Morteza are hitmen for the Iranian regime. They proceed with their work with calm detachment, convinced that their actions are justified under sharia law. Their newest ...

  • Taxi

    Jafar Panahi • 2015 • Iran

    Banned from filmmaking, Panahi has adopted a new hobby—driving a taxi.

    He navigates the streets of the Iranian capital picking up passengers: two women with a goldfish, a bootleg DVD dealer, his young niece.

    In Taxi, from the vantage point of the cab's dashboard a po...

  • Tehran Taboo


    Ali Soozandeh • Germany, Austria • 2018 • A gorgeously animated portrait of contemporary Tehran.

    Pari is a prostitute in Tehran. She wants to leave her husband, but needs a judge to sign the court order. Her arrangement with a corrupt magistrate leads to other favors she earns i...

  • This Is Not a Film

    Jafar Panahi • 2011 • Iran

    Banned Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi inscribes small acts of resistance in the fabric of quotidian existence, as he remains enclosed within the confines of his Tehran apartment.

  • Iranian Cinema Before and After - Cinema of Discontent

    Jamsheed Akrami • Iran • 2013 • Explores Iran's censorship through mainstream and arthouse films.

    The international success of Iranian cinema over the past decades belies the fact that Iranian filmmakers work under extremely harsh circumstances. Filmmaking in Iran is subject to tight government...

  • Iranian Cinema Before and After - Friendly Persuasion

    Jamsheed Akrami • Iran • 2000 • An examination of critical issues of Iranian cinema.

    Film scholar Dr. Jamsheed Akrami weighs the critical issues of Iranian cinema by framing several key questions and providing informed responses through commentary, scene analysis, and interviews with top Iranian...

  • Iranian Cinema Before and After - The Lost Cinema

    Jamsheed Akrami • 2018 • Iran

    The Iranian New Wave was a film movement which blossomed in the 1970s in protest of superficial, socially uninvolved domestic cinema and the excessive exhibition of Hollywood and European imports. Despite the movement’s contribution to the Iranian middle class’s gro...