Indian Art House

Indian Art House

Eschewing the Western conception of Indian cinema as consisting of Bollywood offerings, Filmatique’s Indian Art House is a collection of independent cinema from one of the most diverse and vibrant nations on earth.

With narratives spanning from Maharashtra to Kolkata, Kashmir to the west India coast, Indian Art House features award-winning films from directors such as Chaitanya Tamhane, Shrihari Sathe, Avinash Arun and Qaushiq Mukherjee.

Indian Art House
  • 1000 Rupee Note


    Shrihari Sathe • India • 2014 • The quotidian life of those living in India’s lower castes.

    Budhi lives in a small village in Maharashtra. A widow, she lost her only son to suicide—like many farmers, he was unable to pay back a loan. Her neighbor Sudama provides companionship, ...

  • Court


    Chaitanya Tamhane • 2014 • India

    A folk singer must navigate contemporary India's labyrinthine legal system.

    By day, Narayan Kamble teaches young children poetry at a local school; in the evenings he performs folk songs at political protests, lamenting the lack of social mobility...

  • Gandu


    Qaushiq Mukherjee • India • 2010 • A surreal portrait of a poor young man's rap star dreams.

    Gandu dreams of being a rapper. He shares a home with his mother, a prostitute, in Kolkata, scraping by by dipping into her clients’ wallets while they are predisposed. One day Gandu me...

  • Harud

    Aamir Bashir • India • 2010 • The rhythms of daily life and political violence in Kashmir.

    Rafiq’s whole world is upside down. Like thousands of young men, his brother Tauqir has disappeared during the military insurgency in Kashmir, leaving a wake of grief behind him. His parents struggle t...

  • Killa


    Avinash Arun • India • 2014 • A coming-of-age tale of a shy boy in a tiny coastal village in Konkan.

    Chinu is a shy but very clever 11-year-old boy. He has recently moved with his mother, a bureaucrat, from Pune to a tiny coastal village in Konkan. Missing his father, who has re...

  • Machines


    Rahul Jain • India • 2016 • At a factory, workers labor for 12 hour days in order to make a living.

    Located on the northwest coast of India, Gujarat is a region known for textile production. Inside an enormous factory, set to the constant buzz and whirr of machines, workers labor...

  • Siddharth

    Richie Mehta • India-Canada • 2013 • A tale of a father's journey across India in search of his son.

    Mahendra is a chain-wallah, eking out a living fixing zippers on the bustling streets of New Delhi. Out of financial necessity, he sends his twelve-year-old son, Siddharth, to work in a distant ...

  • The Pool


    Chris Smith • USA • 2007 • An incisive portrait of youthful dreams in Goa.

    Venkatesh lives in Panaji, the capital of Goa. He works cleaning hotel rooms, taking his breaks in the elegant boughs of a mango tree, beneath which shimmers the pool of a private villa. Venkatesh longs t...

  • The Sweet Requiem


    Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam • India-USA • 2018 • An exile Tibetan woman's search for closure.

    Dolkar fled Tibet as an eight-year-old child, crossing a treacherous mountain pass knee-deep in snow. Here a tragedy occurred which Dolkar has suppressed for much of her adult life. Liv...

  • Zero Bridge


    Tariq Tapa • India • 2008 • A small movie with big heart, investigating class and mysteries of love

    A truly independent film of integrity and offhand grace, ZERO BRIDGE tells the deeply affecting tale of a student and small-time criminal in Kashmir who develops a crush on an older...