Gabriel Mascaro (Neon Bull) Presents...

Gabriel Mascaro (Neon Bull) Presents...

A curated capsule of films, selected by the award-winning Brazilian filmmaker Gabriel Mascaro (Neon Bull, August Winds––both streaming on Filmatique).

ONGOING CINEMA: If cinema is about movement, is cinema capable of producing its own movement? These three movies each deal in their own way with the unique capacity of cinema to be able to produce a gesture. The reaction to the gesture itself becomes filmic material for directors interested in investigating potential new frontiers, expanding the limits of cinema.
WATCH: This is Not A Film, The Five Obstructions, Taxi

DRIFTING CINEMA: A few journeys through rough terrains.
WATCH: The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, Tulpan, Last Train Home

Gabriel Mascaro (Neon Bull) Presents...
  • This Is Not a Film

    Jafar Panahi • 2011 • Iran

    Banned Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi inscribes small acts of resistance in the fabric of quotidian existence, as he remains enclosed within the confines of his Tehran apartment.

  • The Five Obstructions


    Lars von Trier • 2003 • Denmark-Switzerland-Belgium-France • Lars von Trier challenges his mentor.

    Documents the re-making of Jørgen Leth's classic short film The Perfect Human through a maddening maze of obstacles imposed by his former student Lars von Trier.

    In 1967, prominent ...

  • Taxi

    Jafar Panahi • 2015 • Iran

    Banned from filmmaking, Panahi has adopted a new hobby—driving a taxi.

    He navigates the streets of the Iranian capital picking up passengers: two women with a goldfish, a bootleg DVD dealer, his young niece.

    In Taxi, from the vantage point of the cab's dashboard a po...

  • The Death of Mr. Lazarescu


    Cristi Puiu • 2015 • Romania • An old man is shuttled across Bucharest from one clinic to another.

    Dante Remus Lazarescu is feeling dreadfully ill. In the search for medical attention, his lone ally is Mioara, a Virgil-like paramedic ushering him toward certain twilight.


  • Tulpan


    Sergey Dvortsevoy • 2008 • Kazakhstan

    Tulpan captures the rhythms of nomadic existence in a surreal and barren landscape, revealing a starkly beautiful, if not vanishing way of life

    Upon completion of his Russian naval service, Asa returns to the windswept Kazakhstani steppe wher...

  • Last Train Home


    Lixin Fan • 2009 • China • Each year 130 million Chinese migrant workers make the journey back home.

    An experience of the world's largest human migration: Chinese New Year.

    Zhang Changhua and Chen Suqin rise early each day to work at a clothing factory, sewing together garments f...