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  • Contemporary Asian Cinema

    15 items

    This collection examines the shifting boundaries of family, identity, gender, and power through the eyes of some of contemporary Asian cinema's most innovative auteurs.

  • Cinema Italiano!

    12 items

    Filmatique presents Cinema Italiano!, a collection of films from some of the most exciting directors working in Italian cinema. Featuring works from celebrated auteurs alongside first and second films from new directors, Filmatique's Cinema Italiano! collection offers a diverse panorama of conte...

  • Visionaries

    6 seasons

    Filmatique’s Visionaries features works by groundbreaking filmmakers such as Miklós Jancsó, István Szabó, Ken Jacobs, Deborah Shaffer, Jonas Mekas, and Derek Jarman.

  • Saul Williams & Anisia Uzeyman Present...

    11 items

    A curated capsule of films, selected by Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman, the collaborative team behind Afrofuturist marvel Neptune Frost.

    “We chose SWEET BEAN, for the delicate ways Naomi’s story waves personal resilience and trauma into a quest for human connection;


  • Ricky D’Ambrose Presents…

    9 items

    A curated capsule of films selected by award-winning American filmmaker Ricky D’Ambrose (The Cathedral).

    "A few films have affected me at different times in my life, and that continue to have things to teach—and pleasures to give."

    ––Ricky D’Ambrose

  • Barbara


    Christian Petzold • 2012 • Germany

    Steeped in the life in former GDR, a woman is torn between two worlds.

    Barbara Wolff arrives in a small town in East Germany, having been transferred from Berlin's prestigious Charité hospital following an unspecified transgression. Consigned to...

  • Ixcanul


    Jayro Bustamate • 2015 • Guatemala-France • A Mayan girl lives at the foot of an active volcano

    Immersing the spectator in the rhythms of a vanishing world amidst ever-present threats of geological rupture and encroaching modernity, Ixcanul navigates the precariousness of female i...

  • Fire at Sea


    Gianfranco Rosi • 2016 • Italy

    A small fishing town emerges as the nexus of the refugee crisis.

    Halfway between Sicily and the coast of Tunisia lies a tiny island with a dwindling full-time population of several thousand. As the island denizens go about their business, distress...

  • It Felt Like Love


    Eliza Hittman • 2013 • USA • Lila decides to lose her virginity during a summer in South Brooklyn.

    A gauzy summer in South Brooklyn. Lila, an awkward adolescent girl, passes her time breaking into beach homes and tagging along on dates between her pretty friend Chiara and Chiara'...

  • The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaucescu


    Andrei Ujică • Romania-Germany • 2010 • A glimpse inside the mind of a narcissistic leader.

    On Christmas Day, 1989, Romanian leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife, Elsa, died by firing squad–the last people to be executed by the state. A brutal dictator, Ceaușescu had presided o...