Exclusive to Filmatique

Exclusive to Filmatique

At Filmatique we believe in curation over content and quality over quantity. In the endless stream of contemporary cinema, even masters are hard to find.

We were, frankly, amazed at how many of our films — by Jean-Luc Godard, Fritz Lang, Alain Resnais, Ken Jacobs, Miguel Gomes, Abel Ferrara, Derek Jarman, Andrea Arnold, and more — aren't available anywhere else, and felt it necessary to give them a special highlight. This program will rotate some titles you can only find on a service as dedicated to contemporary cinema as Filmatique.

Exclusive to Filmatique
  • Arabian Nights

    3 items

    Miguel Gomes • Portugal • 2015

    A monumental and dazzlingly original three-part film by Miguel Gomes (Tabu), Arabian Nights embraces the structure of one thousand and one nights to weave a tale of contemporary Portugal. Gomes's Scheherazade recounts fantastic stories both true fictional, from ta...

  • Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler

    Fritz Lang • Germany • 1922

    Dr. Mabuse is a gambler, hypnotist, and all-around criminal mastermind. This legendary silent film contains many crime genre elements from the time, including characters who slip in and out of disguise, mind control, gambling clubs, exotic women, brutal henchmen and ...

  • Homeland: Iraq Year Zero

    2 items

    Abbas Fahdel • Iraq-France • 2015

    Filmmaker Abbas Fahdel traveled home from France two weeks before the 2002 American invasion of Iraq. Interviewing friends, family members, and neighbors, he encountered a populace bracing for war, encountering shortages of food, water, and basic goods even bef...

  • The Image Book


    Jean-Luc Godard • Switzerland • 2018 • Does art inform reality, or vice versa?

    Fragments of cinema, canonical and obscure, fill the frame. They appear acid-washed, saturated, disintegrating. Films by Roberto Rossellini, Abderrahmane Sissako, Ridley Scott—and Godard himself—featu...

  • The Measure of a Man


    Stéphane Brizé • France • 2015 • A powerful, deeply troubling vision of modern labor.

    Middle-aged Thierry is unemployed. Despite working the same job for many years, he has been laid off, and is now being subjected to the humiliating spectacle of searching for new employment. Vi...

  • Red Road

    Andrea Arnold • UK • 2006 • Jackie notices a man from her past monitoring CCTV cameras.

    Jackie lives alone, monitoring CCTV cameras in a high-rise housing complex in Glasgow's northern periphery. She engages from time to time in an affair with a married man, but her life is otherwise uneventful....

  • Tommaso


    Abel Ferrara • Italy • 2014

    Tommaso is an American expat living in Rome. His days pass listlessly—taking Italian courses, working on a new script, attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Once a wild child, Tommaso is living a life of relative domestic tranquility with his wi...

  • Wittgenstein

    Derek Jarman • United Kingdom • 1993 • A modern, theatrical retelling of Wittgenstein.

    Born in 1889 to wealthy family, Ludwig Wittgenstein was a prodigy, educated in Vienna and Manchester before settling into a career as a philosopher at Cambridge, where he taught alongside Bertrand Russell and ...

  • You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet


    Alain Resnais • 2012 • France

    Actors take over in this exploration of the creative process.

    A coterie of French actors have been summoned to bear witness to the last will and testament of Antoine d'Anthac, a theater director with whom they have worked over the years. Appearing ...