Cinema Italiano!

Cinema Italiano!

Filmatique presents Cinema Italiano!, a collection of films from some of the most exciting directors working in Italian cinema. Featuring works from celebrated auteurs alongside first and second films from new directors, Filmatique's Cinema Italiano! collection offers a diverse panorama of contemporary Italian film.

Cinema Italiano!
  • Caesar Must Die


    Paolo and Vittorio Taviani • 2012 • Italy

    A director stages a prison performance of Julius Caesar.

    Inside the high-security wing of Rome's Rebibbia Prison, a theater director seeks to stage a performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. At first reluctant, the prisoners delve in...

  • Dormant Beauty


    Marco Bellocchio • Italy • 2012

    Eluana Englaro has laid in a hospital bed in Udine for seventeen years. With no hope of emerging from her vegetative state, Eluana’s father would like to remove her feeding tube and allow her to die. As this drama plays out on television screens a...

  • Indivisible


    Edoardo De Angelis • Italy • 2016

    Daisy and Viola are conjoined twins. Sharing an apartment with their parents in a run-down neighborhood of Naples, they have spent their childhood singing at weddings and parties, where audiences are as transfixed by their condition as they are t...

  • La Sapienza


    Eugène Green • Italy-France • 2014

    Alexandre and Aliénor live in Paris, in a state of stagnation—Aliénor feels her husband slipping away from her as he settles into a state of professional and spiritual malaise. The couple escape to Italy when Alexandre becomes inspired by the ...

  • Pasolini


    Abel Ferrara • Italy • 2014

    Autumn, 1975. In an apartment in Rome, Pier Paolo Pasolini sits for an interview, unaware that it will be his last. These days he follows similar routines—post-production on his latest film, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom; chipping away on an unfinish...

  • Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy

    Marco Tullio Giordana • Italy • 2012

    A bomb shook Milan on December 12, 1969. Exploding at the Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura in Piazza Fontana, fourteen were killed with nearly 100 injured, striking fear into the heart of the otherwise stately Italian city. Police Commissioner Luigi Calabres...

  • The First Beautiful Thing


    Paolo Virzì • Italy • 2010 • A gentle comedy of life, love, and family.

    Bruno, a middle-aged teacher, sits stoned out of his mind on a park bench. He’s forgotten his own birthday, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Sandra, who organized the party. Before he can say no, Bruno...

  • The Man Who Will Come


    Giorgio Diritti • Italy • 2009

    Martina hasn’t spoken a word since her baby brother died in her arms. Her mother, Lena, is once again pregnant, while her father, a peasant farmer, works the land in an effort to feed his growing family. The rural landscape is both idyllic and thr...

  • Tommaso


    Abel Ferrara • Italy • 2014

    Tommaso is an American expat living in Rome. His days pass listlessly—taking Italian courses, working on a new script, attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Once a wild child, Tommaso is living a life of relative domestic tranquility with his wi...

  • Miele (Honey)


    Valeria Golino • 2013 • Italy

    Explores assisted suicide, a practice that remains illegal in Italy.

    Irene lives in a small town along the Tyrrhenian Sea. While her friends and family believe she is student, Irene freelances as a clandestine euthanasia consultant. Using the prof...

  • Le Quattro Volte


    Michelangelo Frammartino • 2010 • Italy

    A goat-herder nears the end of his life in Calabria.

    In the mountains of Calabria, a goat-herder is nearing the end of his life. He goes about his daily routines, attuned to the rhythms of nature.

    Drawn from Pythagoras' philosophical not...

  • The Salt of Life


    Gianni Di Gregorio • 2011 • Italy

    A garrulous portrait of men of a certain age.

    Gianni lives in Trastevere, a sun-dappled neighborhood in Rome. As a pensioner, his life is uneventful. Convinced that women no longer see him, Gianni seeks to recover his charm.

    Light and gentle ...

  • Documentari Italiani!

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    A collection of documentaries from some of the most exciting filmmakers working in Italian cinema.