Artists at Work

Artists at Work

The second strand of Filmatique’s The Creation of Meaning series portrays artists at work.

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Artists at Work
  • Beuys


    Andres Veiel • Germany • 2018 • An intimate look at one of the great artists of his generation.

    Joseph Beuys was one of the seminal German artists of the twentieth century. After attending the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts, Beuys became known for his contributions to the Fluxu...

  • Call Her Applebroog


    Beth B • United States • 2016 • A deeply personal portrait of acclaimed artist Ida Applebroog.

    Ida Applebroog was born into an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in the Bronx in the 1920s. As one of three daughters to a father who had prayed for sons, her childhood was less than cheerf...

  • Hieronymus Bosch, Touched by the Devil


    Pieter van Huystee • Netherlands • 2015 • A dive into the life and work of the controversial painter

    The late-medieval artist Hieronymus Bosch died nearly 500 years ago. Yet his art remains a subject of fascainted study—in 2016, a special exhibition of his work was held at the No...

  • Louise BourgeoIs: The Spider, the Mistress and the Tangerine


    Amei Wallach & Marion Cajori • U.S. • 2008 • The life and imagination of an icon of modern art.

    As an artist, Louise Bourgeois is best known for her large-scale sculptures, towering arachnids that seem to defy gravity. As a screen presence, she is magnetic, mercurial and emotional...

  • The Jeff Koons Show


    Alison Chernick • U.S. • 2004 • A comprehensive view of Jeff Koons’ shock-and-dazzle career.

    Jeff Koons considers himself to be the greatest living artist. A former stockbroker, his work explores the nature of art as commodity, the same way Warhol’s oeuvre explored celebrity as c...

  • Walking on Water

    Andrey Paounov • 2015 • Christo's journey to bring a project conceptualized 50 years ago to life.

    In 2016 the celebrated artist Christo launched The Floating Piers on Italy's Lago d'Iseo, an enormous dahlia-yellow path above the water that was eventually experienced by 1.2 million people. Yet t...