American Folklore

American Folklore

Filmatique presents American Folklore, a series of films dissecting the textures and rhythms of rural Americana, tales of lost and shattered innocence.

American Folklore
  • A Good Day To Die


    David Mueller and Lynn Salt • USA • 2010 • The rise and fall of the American Indian Movement.

    At the age of 5, Dennis Banks was taken from his grandparents and relocated to a federal boarding school, where the prime objective was to rid American Indian children of their culture,...

  • American Mystic


    Alex Mar • USA• 2010 • Three young Americans have chosen the fringes of alternative religion

    Chuck lives in the South Dakota badlands. While he and his wife struggle to make ends meet, they find meaning in their Lakota Sioux heritage, making great effort to preserve their rituals...

  • Below Sea Level

    Gianfranco Rosi • Italy • 2008 • A portrait of California flatland squatters
    Roughly 200 miles southeast of Los Angeles, in the wild desert of Southern California, is an ad hoc town without electricity or running water. Some denizens are just passing through, others are here to stay. While ...

  • Born to Be


    Tania Cypriano • USA • 2020 • Inside the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery

    New York's Mount Sinai Hospital houses the groundbreaking Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, a mecca for quality gender-affirming care. Here Dr. Jess Ting works with transg...

  • Down a Dark Stairwell


    Ursula Liang • USA • 2020 • Two communities are caught in the divisive politics of police violence.

    In November 2014, Chinese-American police officer Peter Liang was dispatched to a Brooklyn community housing building. Performing a vertical patrol in a darkened stairwell, he acc...

  • Down Down the Deep River


    Will Sheff • 2014 • USA • An oneiric portrait of fleeting innocence in small town American.

    Rural New Hampshire, the 1980s. Two young boys pass their days together—going to school, the movies, playing in the woods. Images, splinters of their collective imagination, blend togethe...

  • Obit.


    Vanessa Gould • USA • 2017 • Inside an award-winning team of obituary writers.

    How to fit a life into 1,000 words? The obituary writers at the New York Times race against the clock to cull details, weaving decades of personal and professional history into a compelling digest of s...

  • Porto


    Gabe Klinger • Portugal, U.S., France, Poland • 2017 • Nostalgia and love in a European city.

    Jake is an American adrift in Porto, the ancient Portuguese city. Exiled from his family and with no clear direction in life, Jake wanders the tiny streets and back-alleys looking for som...

  • The Frontier


    Oren Shai • USA • 2015 • A riveting contemporary Western steeped in shadows and neo-noir aesthetics.

    Laine, a female drifter, shows up at the Frontier motel. She's battered and bruised, with blood on her hands, and needs a place to lay low for a while. Luanne, the hotel's owner,...

  • The Gospel of Eureka


    Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher • USA • 2019 • A joyously offbeat slice of Americana.

    Eureka, Arkansas is a one-of-a-kind oasis in the traditionally conservative bastion of the Ozarks. Alongside a devout Christian population is a thriving queer community, whose epicenter is a l...

  • The Mountain


    Rick Alverson • USA • 2018 • A lobotomist recruits a friendless photographer on a tour of asylums

    Andy is withdrawn. Seemingly friendless, he is scarred by the institutionalization of his mother, finding little affection from his father, a figure-skating instructor. Dr. Wallace...

  • The Revisionaries


    Scott Thurman • USA • 2012 • Charts the rise and fall of controversial figures in American education.

    The Texas Board of Education dictates the curriculum for nearly five million public schoolchildren. Over the course of a decade Don McLeroy, a dentist, Sunday school teacher, and...

  • Tower


    Keith Maitland • USA • 2016 • An ambitious portrait of one of America's first mass school shootings.

    On August 1, 1966 the previously unimaginable happened—a sniper rode the elevator to the top floor of the iconic University of Texas Tower and opened fire, holding the campus hosta...

  • Winter in the Blood


    Alex & Andrew Smith • USA • 2013 • An adaptation of James Welch's novel of Native American life.

    Virgil comes to in a ditch on the hardscrabble plains of Montana. Stumbling home to his ranch on the reservation, he soon discovers that his wife, Agnes, has left him, his rifle in to...