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Emma meets Tancredi in Florence, embarking on a love affair with the intoxicating cosmos he represents: endless days in the gauzy hills, the sun-blanched beaches.  They become engaged.  Soon, however, Emma becomes caught in family politics, learning what is expected of a woman in Florentine high society.  The same beauty that intoxicated Emma reveals itself as superficial, and suffocates her.

Noble Earth is a study of ennui and female repression within a world rarely seen onscreen— Italy's hermetic nobility.


Cast & Crew

Writer & Director Ursula Grisham // Cast Daisy Bevan, Elia William Cittadini, Pierangelo Menci, Bettina Giovannini // Produced by Lorenzo Fiuzzi, Melinda Prisco, Ursula Grisham // Director of Photography Kasper Wind DFF // Editors Nadia Ben Rachid, Carlos Marqués-Marcet // Music by Martin Velez // Sound Design Gabor Erdelyi Jr // Production Company Filmatique 


Daisy Bevan in Noble Earth (Ursula Grisham, 2017)

Daisy Bevan in Noble Earth (Ursula Grisham, 2017)


Original Title Noble Earth // Country of Production USA // Country of Shooting Italy // Year of Production 2017 // Length 79 min // Shooting Format HD // Screening Format DCP // Original Language English, Italian 



As of October 2017, Noble Earth is able to announce its participation in the following festivals:

Raindance Film Festival (London, UK)

Oaxaca Film Festival (Oaxaca, Mexico) *Best Film - Emergence

Bahamas International Film Festival (Nassau, Bahamas)


"For things to remain the same, everything must change— do you understand?"

- Visconti, The Leopard (1963)