My French Film Festival: Short Film Program



My French Film Festival: Short Film Program

My French Film Festival: Short Film Program



Coinciding with this month's My French Film Festival Series, Filmatique is hosting ten shorts from France and two more in partnership with Belgium and Canada— including Une robe d'été (A Summer Dress) from French master François Ozon.


Exploring relationships, independence, family ties, the artistic process and the doldrums of summer, these shorts are available to watch for free in the US and Canada.





Lazare , Tristan Lhomme (2016)

Lazare, Tristan Lhomme (2016)


Lazare by Tristan Lhomme

France / 2016 / 22'


Lazare shares an apartment with Jacques, his best friend.  Jacques decides to organize a date for Lazare with Céline, a young Parisian woman he has found through a dating website.  The doorbell rings...


Belle à croquer   (  Delectable You  ),  Axel Courtière  (2017)

Belle à croquer (Delectable You), Axel Courtière  (2017)


Belle à croquer (Delectable You) by Axel Courtière 

France / 2017 / 15'


Oscar Mongoût, a gourmet cannibal, burns with love for a neighbor in his building, Miss Carrot.  But this passion seems destined to fail: she is vegetarian, while he has a severe case of vegetable phobia.  Things take a turn one evening when she invites him to dinner.


Le Scénariste (The Screenwriter ), François Paquay

Le Scénariste (The Screenwriter), François Paquay


Le Scénariste (The Screenwriter) by François Paquay

Belgium / 2016 / 26'


To finish his script, Jonas accepts to work with the talented scriptwriter Jean Loubric, whom he is putting up at his home.  Yet this arrangement is not at all to the liking of his wife. 


A Belgian film in partnership with Wallonie Bruxelles Images


Le Film de l'été (The Summer Movie ), Emmanuel Marre (2016)

Le Film de l'été (The Summer Movie), Emmanuel Marre (2016)


Le Film de l'été (The Summer Movie) by Emmanuel Marre

France / 2016 / 30'


A film about highways, tourists on seasonal migration, concrete picnic tables, restroom queues, slices of warm melon, and car washes.  About a man who wants to hit the road and a little boy who holds him back.  A film about summer.


L'Enfance d'un chef  ( Birth of a Leader),  Antoine de Bary (2016)

L'Enfance d'un chef (Birth of a Leader), Antoine de Bary (2016)


L'Enfance d'un chef (Birth of a Leader) by Antoine de Bary

France / 2016 / 15'


Vincent is twenty years old and a successful actor, renowned by critics and audiences alike.  So much so that he has been offered to star in this year's most high-profile film: a biopic about Charles de Gaulle as a young man.  The only problem is that Vincent's parents are moving to Orléans, thus forcing him to live on his own for the first time.  And so a new life begins for Vincent, as daunting as it is lonely.


Chasse Royale,  Romane Gueret & Lise Akoka (2016)

Chasse Royale, Romane Gueret & Lise Akoka (2016)


Chasse Royale by Romane Gueret & Lise Akoka

France / 2016 / 28'


Angélique, 13, is the eldest child of a large family living in the suburbs of Valenciennes.  One day at school, she is asked to audition for a film.


Please Love Me Forever,  Holy Fatma (2016)

Please Love Me Forever, Holy Fatma (2016)


Please Love Me Forever by Holy Fatma

France / 2016 / 27'


Lili, a teenage albino girl, lives with her overprotective mother who tries to shelter her from the outside world.  Obsessed with appearance, her mother regularly replaces parts of her own face.  Lili dreams of freedom and focuses all her hopes for happiness on the boy next door, sixteen-year-old Lyesse.


The Death, Dad & Son  ( La Mort, Père & Fils ), Winshluss & Denis Walgenwitz (2017)

The Death, Dad & Son (La Mort, Père & Fils), Winshluss & Denis Walgenwitz (2017)


The Death, Dad & Son (La Mort, Père & Fils) by Winshluss & Denis Walgenwitz

France / 2017 / 13'


Death's son doesn't want to take over the family business.  His secret desire to become a guardian angel triggers a series of major mishaps.  His dad will have to intervene to get him out of this mess.


Long Live the Emperor  ( Que vive l'Empereur ), Aude Léa Rapin (2015)

Long Live the Emperor (Que vive l'Empereur), Aude Léa Rapin (2015)


Long Live the Emperor (Que vive l'Empereur) by Aude Léa Rapin

France / 2015 / 26'


Napoleon's troops are gathering close to Waterloo.  Time is running out for Bébé, a soldier who is seeking a battalion to join the Great Army.  Tomorrow, the troops will launch their attack on the English.  Along with his wife Ludo, in the parking lot where they have pitched their tent, they live through the last remaining hours before the fall of the Empire.


Noyade interdite  ( No Drowning ), Mélanie Laleu (2016)

Noyade interdite (No Drowning), Mélanie Laleu (2016)


Noyade interdite (No Drowning) by Mélanie Laleu

France / 2016 / 17'


Humanity follows the Voice's orders.  Inserting coins into slots provides the beat.  Solitude settles in for good and reigns over the world.  But suddenly, two dreamers cross paths and the battle begins.  When a striptease mermaid from a peep-show encounters a diver and wish thief, the world around them had better watch out.


Une robe d'été  ( A Summer Dress ), François Ozon (1996)

Une robe d'été (A Summer Dress), François Ozon (1996)


Une robe d'été (A Summer Dress) by François Ozon

France / 1996 / 15'


It's summer.  Sébastien loves Sheila.  Lucia loves boys.  As for Frédéric, all he wants to do is work on his tan.

Le Goût du Vietnam  ( The Taste of Vietnam ), Pier-Luc Latulippe (2016)

Le Goût du Vietnam (The Taste of Vietnam), Pier-Luc Latulippe (2016)


Le Goût du Vietnam (The Taste of Vietnam) by Pier-Luc Latulippe

Canada / 2016 / 9'


Chloé has to leave.  Arnaud is determined to make her last night one she'll never forget. 

A film from Quebec, in partnership with Telefilm Canada 5.