Madeleine d'entre les morts

Madeleine d'entre les morts (Madeleine Among the Dead) / Bertrand Bonello 2014 / 10'



Madeleine d'entre les morts , Bertrand Bonello (2014)

Madeleine d'entre les morts, Bertrand Bonello (2014)


French filmmaker and Cannes mainstay Bertrand Bonello (House of ToleranceSaint Laurent) has a catalogue of "ghost movies" films he wanted to direct but could never get made.


Le Cinéma Club features Madeleine entre les morts a cinematic sketch of one such work: Vertigo retold from the perspective of Kim Novak's character, Madeleine.  The 10' film is excerpted from Antoine Barraud's biopic of Bonello, whose latest feature Nocturama opens this week.