Les enfants de la nuit

Les enfants de la nuit  / Caroline Deruas-Garrel 2012, Locarno / 26'


Les enfants de la nuit , Caroline Deruas (2012)

Les enfants de la nuit, Caroline Deruas (2012)


Le Cinéma Club features French screenwriter and filmmaker Caroline Deruas-Garrel's third short, Les enfants de la nuit: the story of a young French woman who falls tragically in love with a German soldier in the French countryside at the end of World War II.  Les enfants de la nuit chronicles the dark and difficult topic of "femmes tondues"— French women accused of sexual collaboration with the Germans, whose heads were publicly shaved at the French liberation. 


This 26' short premiered at Locarno and stars rapidly-rising French actress Adèle Haenel (The Unknown Girl). Shot on crisp black and white 35mm celluloid.