Protect You + Me

Protect You + Me / Brady Corbet 2008, Sundance special mention / 10'


Protect You + Me , Brady Corbet (2008)

Protect You + Me, Brady Corbet (2008)

This week Le Cinéma Club screens Protect You + Me, the first short film from Brady Corbet, occasioned by the premiere ofthe American actor and filmmaker's award-winning debut feature The Childhood of a Leader.

Protect You + Me offers a glimpse into a young man's long-forgotten memory that, triggered by someone watching him through a restaurant window, escalates to violence.  Shot on 35mm by Darius Khondji, this 10' short earned Corbet an Honorable Mention at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Filmatique conducted an exclusive interview with Brady Corbet to discuss nascent trends among his two endeavors as a filmmaker: shooting on 35mm, the use of sound as an immersive force, and anger– and how it can quickly escalate to violence– as a theme in his work.