About Filmatique


Since launching in 2017, Filmatique has distributed more than 100 films to American audiences; interviewed dozens of award-winning filmmakers from around the world; expanded to Canada and launched our very own Talents initiative.


Filmatique remains committed to the power of cinema as a tool to foster diversity, understanding and empathy across societies and borders.  

Thank you for being with us.

The FLMTQ Team


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Filmatique streams award-winning festival films for US and Canadian audiences— often for the first time.

Available on Roku, Apple TV & iOS. 


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$4.95/month thereafter



Press for Filmatique


"There's a refined simplicity to the home page of Filmatique, a web-streaming service, that nicely underscores its mission... Where to stream foreign movies you can't find elsewhere"

- Glenn Kenny, The New York Times 



"For over a year now, Filmatique has offered US and Canadian subscribers an adventurous and intelligent new service... committed to a diverse vision of world cinema, of a sort that many festivals, let alone sites, struggle to maintain these days"

- Jonathan Romney, Film Comment

“The tightly curated, indie-leaning site releases one film per week, every week, with an eye toward 'works from new directors and celebrated auteurs from around the world.' Its current selection is filled with some bonafide IndieWire favorites “

- Kate Erbland, Indiewire


"[N]ow, more than ever, people want... to glimpse ways of life that may be different, or remarkably similar, to theirs"

- Little White Lies



"Filmatique curates cinema that should not go unnoticed"

- Martin Kudlac, Screen Anarchy



"Filmatique has the unique distinction of releasing its films alongside editorial content... With each film the viewer is immersed in every aspect of the movie's captivating history"

Broadway World