Felicità, a short film by Salomé Alexi


Felicità , Salmoe Alexi (2009)

Felicità, Salmoe Alexi (2009)

Salomé Alexi / 2009, Venice, New Directors / New Films / 30'


Tamara is a Georgian guest-worker who cares for an elderly woman in Italy.  When her husband perishes in a car accident, Tamara finds herself unable to leave Italy due to her illegal status.  


Felicità addresses a stark reality in modern Georgia: more than 1 million of the country's 5 million citizens live and work abroad— 62% percent of them women.  An examination of the absurdity and stasis that characterize the lives of Georgian children whose mothers are away for many years.  


Salomé Alexi's first short film premiered at Venice, where it was awarded a Special Mention "for providing a fresh and funny look at a serious economic and political problem."  It went on to screen at Trieste, Ischia, Tbilisi, Moscow, and New Directors / New Films 2010.


A Note from the Director


The film is about women who live and work illegally in developed countries. Their only mission is to save up enough to support their family members living in Georgia. 

My aim was to depict static and preposterous reality that lingers on in the lives of the children whose mothers are away for many years.